Julien Brulard World tour

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What’s my project ?

“All you’ve got to do is decide to go and the hardest part is over”

Tony wheeler

Walking , horse riding, driving, or a train world tour, it’ll depend on the meeting and opportunities I get.

I’m recently graduated with a Bachelor and master degree in professional sport coaching (From INSEP National sport and expertize institute), I work in temporary jobs, which help me financially to support this road-trip for a length that only future knows.

As soon as I have enough money, I’ll take my backpack and go on the way with the first train or car I can get !

Credit to : Voyages Immobiles around the Tatami of the World – Editions Astrid Franchet

This excursion is about judo, sport and solidarity. I’ll travel in dozens of countries passing each dojo door so I can share my skills, sport and judo philosophy.

I want to travel in Eco responsible way, producing as less as possible CO2, so I will try to never fly by plane.

The reasons of this trip are first personal, the adventure is in me since forever. More professionally this project is to help popularize judo through the world, show young judoplayer that it is possible to travel, give them the envy of meeting other youngs judo players.

I want to make links between judo teachers of the world and so we can organize in a future more international judo camp, in a respective way of the environment.How this idea came to me ?

How this idea came to me ?

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”

Saint Augustine

The motivations of this project are linked with my education and my judo practice. Of course I always been aware of what’s around me, and naturaly curious, but I understood during my studying years and through my sports experiences that travel, for me , was a great life lesson.

Yes, the trips, sports meeting, European and worldwide, built inside me and forever, that need of new experiences, new encounters, I need to always surpass myself and to be open minded with other peoples.

At 18years old, i realized the dream of eveyr judo player, going to Japan!
I started this trip with the big help of Lilian Barrey A French Judo coach, and his Friend Tsukino Takashi who is a Japanese Judo coach as well.
It became a very important step of my young adult life.

Enchanted by the magic of this country, i naturally wanted to go again as soon as possible.

Mr. Miyagami Yuta and myself in Japan.

I was planned to go after my bachelor for 2month and then 2 month in each of the following countries ( Brasil, Russia, Mongolia because they are among the best judo countries in the world) .

However, it was a bit complicated to make this project happen, because of my money savings and also because of my studies. So I finally choosed to go again in Japan for a 9month long, but after some meetings and exceptional moments, I stayed for a 18months long.

My partner at this time was also in Japan, and she showed me her country: Indonesia. Inevitably, I become a bit more in love with travels…
I could train young judo player in this country, and this was very rich and teachfull moments for me, I learned a lot about it.

After I got graduated with a master degree in professional coaching, and also a judo teacher, I decided to launch my professional career in France my original country.
I became self worker (Coaching business) and also Judo coach since already a year.

Since i’m back in France, i’m not satisfied… I work, but i’m sick of travel, like i didn’t go until the end of everything… I’m aware that i had something that lot of judo player are dreaming about… But it’s not enough…

The story can seem common. During a family diner, someone was talking about a friend of him that traveled around the world for 3 years long. Because in fact, I never really came back from my trips, the feeling of go again raised back inside me and like everytime I had to force the closed get of what seems not accessible to me ( High level in sport, high studies, living in japan) I thought to myself : “Why not me?”

Day after day, talking with my family, friends, customers… We made this project mature and that’s how today this is an evidence for me :
I want to do the dojo world tour !

This idea didn’t arrived from nowhere, it is linked with this need of build ourselves! If you want to know more about it you can contact me by social networks or mail.

My goal : Share with you this new experience.

How can we live this experience together ?

“The more far you travel, the more you know yourself”

Lao Tzu
Credit to : Art.com

I want to make this world tour all by myself, but i might never be alone during this trip. I’ll need you help with differents way.

  • Firstly (This part is reserved to my friends, judo contact and sports friends) by sharing and talk about my project. Indeed, like I said earlier, the goal is to visit maximum dojo I can, and stay sleep in it in exchange of any service or compromise (Like I already did in Japan) If I don’t find Dojo, I’ll work in biological farms via Wwoofing.
  • Secondly, with your own trips. If you wanna go somewhere and for some reason it’s on my destinations, let’s join and we can share !
  • Thirdly, financial help, I’ll made a Money collect to help me during the trip (It’s not necessary to give a lot, even 2$ if everybody give, it’ll be a big help)
  • Finlay, if you are company owner, i’m looking for sponsors for this project. I’ll need to kit myself ( Trip tools, Video tools etc…) if brand have same values and morals with this project then I’ll be more than happy to advertise your company during my roadtrip.

I’m not a big fan of social networks, but I have to admit that it could be very useful for my trip. I want to completely live this experiment, but I’ll still find moments to post regularly news about my adventure and I’ll stay up for every request you can give to me.

Thanks for your time and I hope that we can talk about this on the judo mat or sharing a drink

Don’t forget to share ! Peace !